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Sermon: The Knowledge of God

I was given the opportunity by the ever-gracious Eddie Exposito of Sovereign Grace Fellowship in Slidell, to preach in Romans 1 this morning. I appreciate the opportunity. It is, for those who follow the site regularly, an adaptation of my paper on Romans 1 that appeared in the first edition of In Antithesis. It also includes, for more recent followers, a bit of a discussion on the topic of my upcoming debate, and should be interesting in that vein as well. I will have further opportunity to preach again next Sunday. Again, I was most appreciative of the opportunity, and hope that it’s beneficial. This was my very first time behind a pulpit… so be gentle 🙂


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    Really great work dude! :))

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    I appreciate the encouragement. I’d like to hear what I could do better, though 🙂

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