Apologetics to the Glory of God

Love is Love!

Love isn’t a non-descriptive tautology with a one-dimensional meaning that applies equally to each and every thing. If we did the same thing with another verb, you wouldn’t even dream of “affirming” it. Try on work is work. Work should be “without labels.” Every job is just as “affirming” as any other. They are all the same type, all do the same thing, and all result in the same product. Right? Only if the sky is a very different color in your world!

Substitute any other one you want. The same thing will happen. Yes, there are false distinctions. On the other hand, to recognize them as false distinctions is to… distinguish… them from the true ones!

Love without labels is just love without meaning.

Therefore, we have to actually define what love is. Unsurprisingly, we probably don’t have the same definition.

CH: Love is Love and Other Tautologies

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