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Not Alive

This has to be the kicker of these objections. Fungus is alive. Bacteria is alive. Mistletoe is alive – and so is the tree it is practicing its parasitism on.  This is what gets me about the “parasite” attempt, too – don’t you realize that you just torpedoed your own argument?  This, also, falls prey to the “my body” argument – if it is your body – do you have a mass of dead tissue? If so, isn’t it already a miscarriage, by definition? What you are trying to say is that it is not a “separate” life – but that’s silly. We have already established that 1) It is not a clump of cells that are identical with your body, but that those cells are a separate body. 2) That it is a distinct person. 3) That it is a human person. Life, in this context, describes physical entities which undergo biological process, correct? The lack of such processes is one of two things – an inanimate object, or a corpse. Embryology is part of which department, in school?  Go ahead, look it up on wikipedia to prove me wrong. I’ll wait. Back? Yeah, what did it say? A branch of… what? Biology. Notice the greek there?  Not geology, not meteorology, or astronomy – biology. What does it study, folks? Go ahead, go back and check. It’s in the next couple sentences.

Care to break down that word to its components? No, go ahead, look it up on wiki… I’ll wait. βίος – Bio – life |  λογία – logia – “study of.” So, what is “biology”? The study of life. What is embryology? The study of what? Life. From when to when? Yeah. Now, tell me how scientific your assertion is. You can’t claim to be all about the science while ignoring embryology.

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