Apologetics to the Glory of God

If You Don’t Answer _x_, You’re Running Scared!

Well, frankly, that assumes _x_ hasn’t been answered. In most cases, it really has. As Reformed Christians, we have probably the most extensive and detailed body of theological literature in the world. In that immense amount of material, it is vanishingly unlikely that your particular point has gone unaddressed. Further, most of the questions that are inserted in the place of _x_ are, in fact, common objections that we have addressed multiple times. If you really think your objection hasn’t been answered, submit it via the contact form. The other issue is, we are hardly “running scared” because we don’t address your particular objection right stinking now. It’s much more likely that 1) We’ve answered it before – probably in this FAQ or 2) It’s a faulty objection. (See Below)

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