Apologetics to the Glory of God

Why didn’t you answer MY question?

First, it might be because we’ve answered your question many times before, or the same question in different words.

Second, it might be because you didn’t really ask; you poisoned the well and then expected someone to decontaminate the water.

Third, it might be because it’s answered so frequently and so thoroughly by historical theology (or, perhaps some other branch) that it’s really pretty obvious that you didn’t study it. There are many reasons.

Fourth, it might be because you are either really smart, or because it is expressing what is called a theological novum, or novelty, that is not representative of Reformed confessionalism.

Most commonly, however, it is probably because most objections, in our experience, really don’t address the Christian faith, (or, alternatively, Covenantal Apologetics) but a straw man of it.

If you really do need a serious question answered or an answer explained RIGHT NOW come to our chatroom. Otherwise, there is the Contact Form – put “FAQ” as the subject.

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