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Do You Reject the Use of Evidences?

No. Rather evidences are always offered in accordance with the presupposition of God’s revelation to humanity. Evidences are offered in Scripture. There is a difference between using evidences and using evidentialism. Evidences are not a method of apologetics, they are entities used in apologetics. Dr. Bahnsen presented an enormous list of evidences during his debate against Dr. Stein, but he did not use evidentialism. Does Scripture warrant evidentialism? No. Psalm 19 and Romans 1 state that God is known to exist. God is clearly seen through what has been made, so much so that people are without excuse. God is known and God is seen. Clearly.

Evidentialism doesn’t start at the right place. Evidentialism doesn’t use evidences properly, because it doesn’t start at the right place. The right place to start is with Christian Theism as a unit, not with minimal facts. Only then can you argue as you should – with all facts as God’s facts.

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