Apologetics to the Glory of God

Why Don’t You Respond _Insert Place Here_?

For one, we don’t always frequent the places you want us to frequent. We often don’t want to be forced to do so in order to keep up with a conversation elsewhere, either. None of us do this for a living, remember. For another, it’s often needless duplication. We typically already have that response archived here, on our site. This particular section, in fact, should be an aid to you in finding what we have written. Perhaps, instead of insisting that we post at some particular place, why don’t you 1) Link to the information we’ve already presented or 2) Present it yourself, with proper attribution? That way, the answer is presented, and the one with the interest in seeing it presented *at that particular place* is also satisfied. Remember, our intent is primarily to teach. We do not, however, necessarily intend to be peripatetics 😉

Why haven’t we responded to your instance of a particular objection? Probably because we already have, right here, and we aren’t crass enough to lmgtfy.  This time, at least.

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