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Not Really Human

Oh? So, just out of curiosity – how does that work with the “my body” argument? Do you leave the human race while pregnant, or do you just like contradicting yourself? If that blows by you, here’s another question – what species is your child? Do you hatch chickens? Gestate bears? Incubate llamas? Seriously – what is it, then? Pretend to be scientific all you want – this is not a serious assertion by any meaningful standard.

“Human” is a classification of which species we are. We are of the family Hominidae, genus Homo, species Homo Sapiens – it derives from the Latin hūmānus, the adjectival form of homō – “man.”  My middle schooler can do better than this in Biology.  This isn’t anything particularly difficult, or involved.  What kind of eggs do you buy from the grocery store, typically? Chicken eggs.  They are not usually fertilized eggs – right? If not, are they chickens? No. They are, of course, chicken eggs – but they aren’t chickens. Of course, you can get fertilized eggs; they taste just like unfertilized ones, by the by – because they haven’t been incubated, and they have been placed into refrigeration. If you incubated them, you’d likely get a chicken to hatch. However, the fertilized chicken eggs contain… embryonic chickens, at the initial stage of development. Have you ever looked into the subject? Have any clue? If not – you probably haven’t looked much into human embryology, either, have you?  If you haven’t – why are you even confidently asserting the things that you’re asserting?  If you have, and you’re still asserting such things – I suggest that a review is in order. Species don’t change because you want them to.

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