Apologetics to the Glory of God


From time to time, Choosing Hats staff members engage in apologetic debates.  You can find these debates listed below by clicking on the staff member’s name.

Chris Bolt

vs. Alex Cornett – “Does God Exist?” – 2006
vs. Tyler Mace – “Does God Exist?” – 2007
vs Ben Wallis – “Does God Exist?” – August 19, 2010
vs. Michael Long – Is there good reason to believe that the Christian God exists?” – August 28, 2011
vs. Matt Oxley – “Does the Triune God of Scripture Exist?” – November 10, 2012

Brian Knapp

vs. Ben Wallis – Goodness Over God Podcast – Sep. 6, 2011
vs. Matt Oxley – A Discussion with Matt – Nov. 15, 2011


2 responses to “Debates”

  1. Chris Mathew Avatar
    Chris Mathew

    This is great. Excellent work.

    I’d like to contact and speak with Chris Bolt. I believe he’s on the Discord server called ‘Convolution’ but I’ve been thus far unable to get an invite link. Would it be possible for you to email me the link to the Discord server?

    I would greatly appreciate the favour.

    1. C. L. Bolt Avatar
      C. L. Bolt

      Hi Chris,

      I’ve sent you an email.

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