Why Should I Believe Christianity? by James N. Anderson

It goes without saying that I’ll recommend pretty much anything written by James N. Anderson of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC.

Here’s my summary of his most recent book, Why Should I Believe Christianity?, available to members of Books At a Glance.

(You may also be interested in the summary of A New Kind of Apologist edited by Sean McDowell.)

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“Does the Triune God of Scripture Exist?” (Chris Bolt vs. Matt Oxley) Debate Audio (MP3 Format) Now Available!

Download it here or click below to stream!


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“Does the Triune God of Scripture Exist?” Chris Bolt of ChoosingHats.com to Debate Matt Oxley of RagingRev.com LIVE!!!

Chris Bolt of ChoosingHats.com is scheduled to debate Matt Oxley of RagingRev.com on Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 10am EST. The debate resolution takes the form of a question, “Does the Triune God of Scripture Exist?” Chris Bolt will be answering in the Affirmative, and Matt Oxley will be taking the Negative. Ben Woodring of Choosing Hats will be moderating.

The debate will be live streamed on Youtube (video format). Stay tuned for more information on the live stream. The debate will also be recorded and posted on the Choosing Hats and Raging Rev sites. Feel free to join us …

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Perspicacity and Ignorance

If I assert that there is a black cat in the closet, and you assert that nobody knows what is in the closet, you have virtually told me that I am wrong in my hypothesis. So when I tell Mr. Black that God exists, and he responds very graciously by saying that perhaps I am right since nobody knows what is in the “Beyond,” he is virtually saying that I am wrong in my hypothesis. He is obviously thinking of such a god as could comfortably live in the realm of chance. But the God of Scripture cannot live in

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Sermon: The Knowledge of God

I was given the opportunity by the ever-gracious Eddie Exposito of Sovereign Grace Fellowship in Slidell, to preach in Romans 1 this morning. I appreciate the opportunity. It is, for those who follow the site regularly, an adaptation of my paper on Romans 1 that appeared in the first edition of In Antithesis. It also includes, for more recent followers, a bit of a discussion on the topic of my upcoming debate, and should be interesting in that vein as well. I will have further opportunity to preach again next Sunday. Again, I was most appreciative of the opportunity, and …

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Opening Statement from my debate with Michael Long

My debate with Michael Long may be found here – https://choosinghats.org/2011/08/is-there-good-reason-to-believe-that-the-christian-god-exists

See some of my debate preparation here – https://choosinghats.org/2012/03/behind-the-scenes-notes-from-my-debate-with-michael-long

Debate Opening Statement

I. Introduction

Thank you Mr. Knapp, Mr. Long, my wife Kerri. Most of all I thank the Triune God of Scripture who chose, redeemed, and sealed me concerning the Gospel through which I am being saved by grace through faith; that Christ died for our sins, that He was buried, that He was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures. (1 Corinthians 15:1-5) I have personally experienced the reality of forgiveness of my sins …

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Brian Knapp of Choosing Hats to appear with atheist Matt Oxley on Praxis Presup this weekend for informal debate

Brian Knapp, Founder and Administrator of Choosing Hats and atheist Matt Oxley of RagingRev.com plan to participate in an informal debate consisting of interview, cross-examination, and discussion hosted and moderated by Chris Bolt of the Praxis Presup podcast this weekend. The event will not be live streamed, however the recording of it will be made available on the next episode of Praxis Presup right here on Choosing Hats around the beginning of next week, Lord willing. You won’t want to miss it!…

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(Sort of) A Debate Announcement

Some of the readers may not know about a “counter apologetics” podcast called “Truly Free” or “Goodness Over God” by Ben Wallis and Michael Long. It is available at http://goodnessovergod.blogspot.com

Readers are familiar with Ben Wallis already (or if you are not, then Search for his name on our site), but probably not Michael Long. Michael is another well-spoken unbeliever and holds an MA in Philosophy. Some clips of Michael from the podcast are included below. Make sure to listen to them in their entirety, or else you will miss an important announcement at the end. You may also be …

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A Question on Induction from Ben Wallis (Updated)

Now that Ben has clarified his answer to the problem of induction as being one largely similar to the one provided by P.F. Strawson, and now that I have pointed out the many problems with that solution in this post, I can move on to quote a question from Ben that was asked in his last comment.

Suppose we can’t ground induction in deduction. In that case, why should we refrain from taking inductive inferences to be rational? Why is it that you think justification for a position on, say, the force of gravity on earth, cannot consist of

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