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  • My Grandfather’s Funeral Sermon

    We come here today as family and friends because an awful event has taken place in our lives. There are other times when we come together for different reasons than grieving. There are times when we gather to rejoice. We celebrate birthdays, holidays, and marriages together. But today we come together to grieve. We might not grieve as those who have no hope, but we still grieve. We might recognize that the Lord Jesus Christ has conquered the grave, but we still weep just as he did at the graveside of his friend Lazarus whom he loved. Death is immediately …

  • Sermon: The Morality of Knowledge

    I was once again invited to preach at Sovereign Grace Fellowship in Slidell. This week’s sermon was on Rom. 1:26-2:16. It is, additionally, the second installment of my adaptation of the paper in the first edition of In Antithesis.…

  • Sermon: The Knowledge of God

    I was given the opportunity by the ever-gracious Eddie Exposito of Sovereign Grace Fellowship in Slidell, to preach in Romans 1 this morning. I appreciate the opportunity. It is, for those who follow the site regularly, an adaptation of my paper on Romans 1 that appeared in the first edition of In Antithesis. It also includes, for more recent followers, a bit of a discussion on the topic of my upcoming debate, and should be interesting in that vein as well. I will have further opportunity to preach again next Sunday. Again, I was most appreciative of the opportunity, and …

  • All Hail Cosmic Broccoli!

    Let’s talk about ignorance. The sort that makes you drop your jaw and stare. I really couldn’t care less about the opening line; it’s the things that he says are “not in the Bible” that are amazingly bad. If what he says weren’t reposted so often by atheists, it might even be hilarious; akin to Silverman’s infamous “Bear Theism” performance he gave during the closing statement of his debate with James White in August of last year.

    The next time believers tell you that ‘separation of church and state’ does not appear in our founding document, tell them to stop

  • Four Questions about Election

    This morning’s sermon asks and answers four questions concerning the election of God the Father. The reason we need to ask and answer these questions this morning is because there is a lot of wrong theology prevalent in the churches today that teach completely unbiblical understandings of election and salvation. And if salvation is as important as the Bible claims it to be and we are commanded by Christ to labor for the food that endures to eternal life then we would do well to understand what the Scripture teaches about election.

    1. On what basis does God the Father

  • "The Necessary Vision for Biblical Ministry" (Josh Moody)

    So I know it is quite a stretch to imply that this has something to do with apologetics (let alone covenantal apologetics), but to me everything seems like it has something to do with apologetics. Plus this guy has an English accent so he has to be smart. Enjoy.