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What Does Theological Term _x_ Mean?

Well, keep this in mind. First, you’re on a Reformed website. This means that you shouldn’t assume that an RCC definition suffices, a Jehovah’s Witness definition suffices, or what have you. Second, not only do you NOT need to look in the WRONG place, you DO need to look in the RIGHT place. The most general way is someplace like theopedia. More specifically, Monergism.com. Even more specifically, the Reformed Confessions. Most specifically, you can find many systematic theologies online – Like Gill’s, Calvin’s, Hodge’s, Berkhof’s, or Boyce’s. The latter 4 can be found here. Link is provided for Gill. In short, there is no end to the availability of direct, systematic instruction in Christian doctrine. “Systematic Theology is more closely related to apologetics than are any of the other disciplines. In it we have the system of truth that we are to defend.” – CVT

CH INTRO: A Brief Introduction to Systematic Theology
CH: Van Til and Systematic Theology
IA: In Antithesis, Volume 1, Number 1; The Doctrine of God in Reformed Apologetics

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