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The title “Choosing Hats” comes from the great Christian Apologist Cornelius Van Til who said “We cannot choose epistemologies as we choose hats.”

This is an educational site dedicated to bringing glory to God through the explanation and demonstration of Presuppositional/Covenantal apologetics.  We encourage visitors here to examine the articles posted, and to consider their own belief system and how well it accounts for their experiences.

Choosing Hats is the brainchild of Brian Knapp and Chris Bolt, whose shared enthusiasm for Presuppositional Apologetics led to a “study-through” blog of Bahnsen’s Always Ready – which they began on a new blog called “Choosing Hats.” Since that time, we’ve expanded, and taken on many new contributors (and bid a fond farewell to others). One thing that hasn’t changed is our belief that presup is the most faithfully Biblical apologetic to offer for the Christian faith.

Site Rules

ChoosingHats is a Christian blog where the focus is to educate Christians on and promote the use of Presuppositonal/Covenantal apologetics. Its purpose is not to provide a preaching platform for non-Christian faiths, nor is its purpose to offer non-Christian faiths an equal say, or equal time. If you are a member of a group that is not considered to be Biblical in light of confessional orthodoxy, please understand that you are not considered to be offering a Christian Gospel or apologetic, and are in fact a candidate for the Gospel, as well as it’s defense.

Our emphasis on ChoosingHats is the principles of Presuppositional/Covenantal apologetics, as well as the requisite theological underpinnings, with the assumed audience to be Christian, orthodox, and willing to learn or teach about Presuppositional/Covenantal apologetics or theology. This does not mean everyone who visits this site and engages in discussion will fit this description. We have regular viewers who, while they are not orthodox, have learned to dialogue in a respectful way.

Comments are moderated, and any comments approved will be passed through as we have the time or inclination to do so, whether for the purpose of asking questions, agreeing with a post, or disagreeing (i.e. debating). Please remember this is a Christian website, and curtail your language accordingly.

Enjoy your stay, and rightly divide the Word of Truth!


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