Brian Knapp Interviewed on "Goodness Over God" Podcast

Brian Knapp of Choosing Hats was a guest on the counter-apologetics podcast “Goodness Over God” with Michael Long and Ben Wallis to discuss several topics related to whether or not there is good reason to believe in God. You can find the interview here.


C.L. Bolt

Let me go on record as saying that though it is far from exhaustive this is the clearest exposition of the presuppositional method of apologetics and transcendental argumentation in particular that I have heard since Greg Bahnsen used and lectured on the method.


This got really good with about 29 minutes left after Ben stated that on his view, you take induction as an assumption and can’t avoid circularity, but he can’t see why Christianity doesn’t simply add assumptions to the mix while still not defeating the circularity problem. Whenever Brian started explaining how Christianity account for induction as a coherent whole, the episode got really good. Great job Brian.

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