Podcasts: Fixing backlinks

Many of the podcasts we did previously still point to incorrect urls on the old domain. I’m going through a number of them and fixing incorrect references. They should all work later this am.…

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Responding to the Argument for the Possibility of Foreknowledge from Transcendence (By Brian Knapp, Founder/Contributor Emeritus)

If God foreknows person P will make choice C at time T, then it is not possible for this choice to not be made. After all, if P does not choose C at T, then God’s foreknowledge was incorrect, in which case God actually did not foreknow this choice would occur at all as truth is a necessary component of foreknowledge. Stated differently, if it is not true that P chooses C at T, then God could not have foreknown that they would. So, when we say that God foreknows that P will choose C at T, there is no …

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Roundtable Discussion: The Gang’s (mostly) Back Together

A great time was had – and thanks especially to Ben Woodring, aka Book, for getting the almost whole gang back together. Brian, Chris, myself, Resequitur, and brigand all stopped in, and we talked Covenantal Apologetics. Ben asked us some basic questions, we shared some history, and what our motivations and experiences have been over the years. Looking forward to being around for a long time to come, slow posting or not. Enjoy – I sure did!

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A Fond Farewell, but not Goodbye

BK is officially retiring from active contribution here at the site. Brian Knapp has always been the man with a plan here at CH – and his wisdom and patience have always been a wonderful example.  He isn’t leaving entirely, however.  He is a good friend to us all, so we will be retaining his company!  He will still be around the chat channel, and will keep his board membership, in an Emeritus status.  (The active board will now consist of myself, Matthias, and Chris, who has returned to active status.)  Brian has served since the site was created in …

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A Common Thread

Needle with  thread on jeans materialThere seems to be a common thread in presupp encounters all across the web these days. I’ve seen it on Twitter, in chat rooms, in FaceBook discussion groups, and on podcasts.  It’s everywhere, and it’s growing, which is what concerns me.  That thread is the use of a stunted, limited, incomplete apologetic.  It frustrates the unbelievers we use it against, but not for the right reasons.  It causes presuppers to be seen as irrational tricksters who don’t have anything valid to bring to the discussion.  It is philosophically vacuous and ultimately does not honor God.

Before looking at the problem, …

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To TAG or Not To TAG?

How strongly did Van Til feel about using TAG when arguing for God?

Now the only argument for an absolute God that holds water is a transcendental argument.

Quite strongly. It’s not that there aren’t other arguments – they just don’t hold any water when arguing for the kind of God revealed in the Bible – an absolute God. If we are totally dependent upon God (as is the case if God is absolute), then we are necessarily dependent upon God as our starting point in reasoning. If we aim to show that this kind of God exists, we must …

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Chat with a Skeptic

I received an email the other day from an atheist whose name I am choosing not to reveal (for reasons I will get to shortly). The email read like a late-night infomercial, complete with a reference to a website, youtube channel, and book for sale. In addition, there came a challenge to debate us over the existence of God. My response was to suggest this individual visit us in our chat channel first so that we could get to know each other, before agreeing to a formal debate. This individual took me up on the offer and paid us a …

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Please Welcome Matthias McMahon

Matthias has been with Choosing Hats for awhile now in a contributor role, but with the upcoming departure of Chris Bolt, he has been added to the prestigious list of “Site Administrators”.

OK, so maybe not all that prestigious.

Expect to see more of Matthias by way of posts and responses to comments in the coming days …

– BK…

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