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  • Other Arguments

    Now the only argument for an absolute God that holds water is a transcendental argument. A deductive argument as such leads only from one spot in the universe to another spot in the universe. So also an inductive argument as such can never lead beyond the universe. In either case there is no more than an infinite regression. In both cases it is possible for the smart little girl to ask, “If God made the universe, who made God?” and no answer is forthcoming. This answer is, for instance, a favorite reply of the atheist debater, Clarence Darrow. But if

  • Friendly Discussion with a Former Atheist

    Me: So…wait, are you just examining Christianity?

    Former Atheist: Yes, very much so.

    Me: Ah.

    Former Atheist: I’m examining a lot of stuff actually.…

  • Unintelligent Design?

    Allow me, for a moment, to explain some of my initial thoughts concerning what denial of God’s existence entails with respect to Design. If you hold that there is no God, and that there is no Design to the universe, there are a few things that follow. If there is no Designer, and if there is no Design, then there are no “designers” and there are no individual “designs.” None, at all, anywhere. I will now proceed to explain the same thing in probably too many ways and in probably too many words.

    There is only cause and effect. “Intention” …

  • Why do we expect the future to be like the past?

    Why do we expect the future to be like the past?

    “Because in the past, the future has always been like the past.”

    This response begs the question. It assumes the very point to be proven. In the past the future has always been like the past, yes, but why do we expect that in the future the future will be like the past?

    “We don’t know for certain that the future will be like the past.”

    This response misrepresents the question. It assumes the question is asking about certainty with respect to the future. But the question …

  • But They’re All The Same

    It is often alleged by many atheists that all religions are the same, and all religions are false, and since Christianity is a religion, therefore Christianity must also be false. They will answer our defense of Christianity by saying we’re merely engaging in special pleading. This issue is similar to that in a previous post of mine wherein I quoted Stephen Robert’s statement regarding the alleged equivalence of all “gods.” If it is true that both the quantity and quality of evidence attesting to the truth of all particular religions or gods are the same – that is, if each …

  • A Friendly Chat With An Atheist

    Chris:  Are you a believer?

    Atheist:  nope

    an atheist

    Chris:  Ah.

    Well it’s nice to have one of those around every now and then.

    We have to get Christians from somewhere after all. 😀

    So I presume you have heard the Christian Gospel?

    Atheist:  yup

    Go to mass… et cetera 😉

    Chris:  I’m guessing that you’re joking. 🙂

    Atheist:  I am

    Chris:  So why are you an atheist?

    Atheist:  I don’t think that any spirits exist

    be they gods, ghosts or anything else

    Chris:  That’s the definition of your position then.

    Why do you hold it?

    Atheist:  I don’t see …

  • Praxis Presup: Episode 20

    Chris makes some initial comments on the second podcast in the series on presuppositional apologetics at Reasonable Doubts.…

  • Reasonable Doubts About Non-Christian Excuses

    The most recent podcasts, and hence comments, at Reasonable Doubts are focused upon presuppositional apologetics. The gentlemen at the aforementioned site are apparently impressed by the comment of one Andrew EC:


    • Andrew EC says:

    February 17, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    It seems to me that the fundamental weaknesses of the presuppositionalist position are as follows:

    1. There’s no analysis as to what it means to give “an account” of something. Philosophically, something only counts as an explanation if it is what Kant would call an analytic statement; that is, a proposition whose conclusion is not contained within its predicate.

  • Reasonable Doubts About Overload Objections


    Keith says:

    February 10, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    Great podcast, guys.

    One possible approach to presuppositionalism is to make your own, conflicting presupposition using your own invented God.

    Imagine how taken aback a presuppositionalist would be in a debate if you said the following:

    “I have a confession to make: I am not an atheist. I believe in the god Drusba*. And he inspired me to write down his only gospel. This gospel says that everyone knows deep down inside who Drusba is, and that no understanding of the world is possible without him. Drusba is the giver of

  • Praxis Presup: Episode 19

    Chris begins his critique of the counter-apologetics podcast Reasonable Doubts as it addresses presuppositional apologetics.

    The counter-apologetics podcast may be found here – http://freethoughtblogs.com/reasonabledoubts/2012/02/09/episode-97-presuppositional-apologetics-part-1

    An initial comment on the podcast may be found here – https://choosinghats.org/2012/02/reasonable-doubts-about-presuppositional-apologetics