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Roundtable Discussion: The Gang’s (mostly) Back Together

A great time was had – and thanks especially to Ben Woodring, aka Book, for getting the almost whole gang back together. Brian, Chris, myself, Resequitur, and brigand all stopped in, and we talked Covenantal Apologetics. Ben asked us some basic questions, we shared some history, and what our motivations and experiences have been over the years. Looking forward to being around for a long time to come, slow posting or not. Enjoy – I sure did!


4 responses to “Roundtable Discussion: The Gang’s (mostly) Back Together”

  1. Pat Avatar

    Choosing Hats is back!

  2. pat Avatar

    If you guys plan on doing future google hangouts, I’d like to suggest engaging John Frame’s new critique of Van Til in his new Apologetics book.

  3. Peter Ochoa Avatar
    Peter Ochoa

    Very Good to hear you guys together. Choosing hats has been very helpful and edifying to me in my understanding of Van Tils apologetic. I believe it has born much fruit in my life to Gods glory.

    Material like this is wonderful because as the years has gone by, I even now appreciate this apologetic which also has devotional value, to see the sweet power of God to prove himself while maintaining his own self attesting authority and to see that worked out in philosophical and apologetic arenas is incredible and very edifying.

    Praise God for his perfectly powerful word. Thank you guys and I hope that God keeps raising up faithful saints who will continue to push forward in this apologetic and make it more plentiful in the world.

    God bless Choosing Hats. To his glory.


  4. mrbspapa Avatar

    Glad to see you guys all back. Look forward to listening and learning. Thanks guys for your work.

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