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Point of Contact – Life, Death and Theology

Dealt with approximately 25 minutes of audio from three lengthy Theopologetics podcasts on annihilationism, the presuppositional commitments that are brought to the text, and on the basis of that reading, affect the theology they teach. Had Ben, Matthias, and Justin in with me at various points. We didn’t get to all of it, as we had a near catastrophic recording failure toward the end, where you will hear the audio quality/texture change, and I then make some comments specifically to Chris. Thankfully, it was recovered, and all was then right with the world. Take a listen.

Also, see this post, for the relevant material.

Edit: The file has been corrected.


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  2. Mike Felker Avatar

    There’s nothing to right-click download?

    1. RazorsKiss Avatar

      Yes there is. I just tried it. Sure it isn’t a browser problem?

  3. Mike Felker Avatar

    Now it works 🙂

    I use Safari on Mac, when I right clicked there was no “download linked file” option.

    1. RazorsKiss Avatar

      Haven’t changed a thing 😉 Glad it works for you now!

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