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  • Podcasts: Fixing backlinks

    Many of the podcasts we did previously still point to incorrect urls on the old domain. I’m going through a number of them and fixing incorrect references. They should all work later this am.…

  • Point of Contact 5

    Matthias, Joshua and Justin discuss the intrinsic ties between synergism and evidentialism, and the theological foundation of Covenantal apologetics in this edition of Point of Contact.…

  • Point of Contact – Relaunched!

    Matthias McMahon, Justin McCurry and I discuss the comments of a Sean Holloway in the Association of Evangelical Apologists facebook group.…

  • Point of Contact – Life, Death and Theology

    Dealt with approximately 25 minutes of audio from three lengthy Theopologetics podcasts on annihilationism, the presuppositional commitments that are brought to the text, and on the basis of that reading, affect the theology they teach. Had Ben, Matthias, and Justin in with me at various points. We didn’t get to all of it, as we had a near catastrophic recording failure toward the end, where you will hear the audio quality/texture change, and I then make some comments specifically to Chris. Thankfully, it was recovered, and all was then right with the world. Take a listen.

    Also, see this post

  • Material for Tonight’s Planned Podcast

    Tonight, we’re planning on doing a pre-debate episode of “Point of Contact”, dealing with various theological issues encountered in past Theopologetics podcasts, episodes 72, 73, and 74, on the subject of annihilationism. The clips we’ll be interacting with are listed below, and are symptomatic of a common problem we’ve highlighted in response to various ~CT positions over the past several years – a seeming inability to consistently argue from – and against – a systematic theology as a unit.…

  • Point of Contact – Possibility


    In this second installment of our newest podcast – Joshua Whipps, Sean Burkes, Justin McCurry and Nic Heath discuss possibility.

    Note: The audio quality is not the best, unfortunately. We’re working on steps to rectify that.

  • Point of Contact – Are the Laws of Logic Created?

    Point of Contact

    In this first episode of our newest podcast – Brian Knapp, Joshua Whipps, and Nic Heath discuss the nature of the laws of logic.