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Debate: Does God Exist?

The debate between Ben Wallis and our own Chris Bolt is complete. You may obtain it here.


8 responses to “Debate: Does God Exist?”

  1. Mike Avatar

    I listened to the bebate last and enjoyed it. A couple of questions.

    When you were discussing Ben’s counter to the problem of induction you said the Hume found that it was unsupported regardless of it’s alleged necessity for inference. Could you expand of this?

    What is the best book or article that lists all the attempted seculare response to the problem of induction?

    I have read an article by James Anderson covering that topic – do you know of anything better?

    Again – a good debate.

  2. Mike Avatar

    Sorry – The questions in the above posting is directed to Chris Bolt

  3. C.L. Bolt Avatar

    According to Hume the fact that people use induction is irrelevant to the question of whether or not induction is epistemically justified.

    Hume offers at least two responses to his own problem and refutes them. Russell mostly restates Hume in clearer terms. The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy goes through a number of traditional and non-traditional responses to the Problem of Induction and at the very least will give you a good bibliography from which to work.


    1. taco Avatar

      So I squeezed a tube of toothpaste today to get the paste out of the tube. According to Hume, the fact that I do that does not mean that I am rational for taking such action? In other words, I would not be rational for choosing to either squeeze, or not squeeze the tube. Both actions are irrational in terms of *knowing* how to get the paste out?

  4. Bahama Avatar


    Nice debate…i was wondering if you would be able to post your opening statement on the site..if not, no worries.

  5. Mike Avatar


    I went back and reviewed several of Russels books (the section related to induction) – The Problems of Philosophy, Outline of Philosophy, Our Knowledge of the External World. Which book are you referring to?

    Or if you can remember – what was Hume’s second response (and refutation)?


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