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The Recent Rise of Covenantal Apologetics (8 of 10)

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Today I met with another presuppositionalist for lunch. The Internet is where I first heard about him and wrote to him and eventually I was able to meet him in person. There have been at least a dozen other presuppositionalists I have met in like manner. I feared for my life in only about half of those meetings. The Internet has made it possible to have presuppositional discussions with people I would otherwise have never known exist.

“The Internet” is an obvious answer to the question of what major factors have contributed to the recent rise of covenantal apologetics. You are reading this piece on the Internet. Choosing Hats is an Internet site. It is somewhat unique in its subject matter, but it is certainly not the only site that focuses on covenantal or presuppositional apologetics.

Some of my favorite sites have already been mentioned in the previous posts of this series. There is James Anderson’s proginosko.wordpress.com, Doug Wilson’s dougwils.com, James White’s aomin.org, and Sye TenBruggencate’s proofthatgodexists.org. Those who are familiar with my story of how I became a presuppositionalist will remember that Massimo Lorenzini’s work at frontlinemin.org finally made the light bulb go off in my head.

There are many other sites and personal blogs that are either dedicated to, saturated with, or strongly influenced by a covenantal approach to the apologetic endeavor. Examples include but are not limited to reformedforum.org, philosophyandtheism.wordpress.com, veritasdomain.wordpress.com, presupp101.wordpress.com, realapologetics.org, triablogue.blogspot.com, rhoblogy.blogspot.com, reformedapologist.blogspot.com, vantil.info, and apologeticfront.com. When I first became interested in studying presuppositional apologetics I spent a lot of time on the presuppositional portions of sites like carm.org, monergism.com, and reformed.org. I also spent a lot of time reading and listening to Paul Manata, who still has a few debates up here and here. Last but not least, let’s not forget about that most amazing of sites cmfnow.com for all of your presup needs!

There is not much more to be said regarding the influence of the Internet upon the growth of covenantal apologetics. The Internet has had the same effect with respect to virtually everything else as well. So no surprise. However, the Internet has been especially beneficial to those who delve into more obscure disciplines, and covenantal apologetics are, unfortunately, not exempted from the aforementioned category. But that is changing.

There are no doubt a number of sites I have left out either as an oversight or because I am ignorant of their existence. Please feel free to post other presuppositional Internet resources you know of in the comments section and I will update this post as needed!



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  1. Pat Avatar

    The internet is a great way to chat with like minded people, who can be difficult to find in person.

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