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The Elephant in the Room: Is TD Jakes a Trinitarian?

Today Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries made the clear, strong case that TD Jakes has some exceedingly serious problems with his “Trinitarian theology” (to say the least) that simply are not being addressed by those who should know to do so. I highly recommend that you listen to it here – http://aomin.org/aoblog/index.php?itemid=4955

At one point Dr. White raised a question about whether or not Jakes baptizes in the name of Jesus only. According to “Alumni Pages” made available by Friends International Christian University, “His views on God and water baptism is [sic] Oneness Pentecostal.” See here – http://www.ficu.edu/Alumni/Jakes.html. (HT: “Nails”)

Of course one might question if there is some inaccuracy in this statement as it appears on the site for the school where Jakes apparently obtained his D.Min., or one might question whether or not Jakes still holds to this view, but I would question why so many excuses should be made on behalf of Jakes when so much evidence has been brought against him concerning his position on such a central doctrine. It should be obvious to those who listen to Dr. White’s podcast that Jakes has not affirmed sound doctrine in the past, but rather has rejected it, and that there is no reason – especially not in his lengthy dodges around straightforward questions – to think that anything has changed.



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