Apologetics to the Glory of God

Debate: Is there good reason to believe that the Christian God exists?

Resolved: There is good reason to believe that the Christian God exists.

Moderator: Brian Knapp

Affirmative: Chris Bolt

Chris Bolt holds a B.A. Philosophy (High Honors) and B.A. Religion from Lynchburg College (Magna Cum Laude) as well as an M.Div. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (School of Theology) where he is a Ph.D. candidate in Christian Philosophy. Bolt is the recipient of a number of awards for his work in philosophy and religion and a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society. He has participated in debates on the existence of God and on ethics and wrote a chapter of The Portable Presuppositionalist by Jamin Hübner. Bolt is a contributor to www.choosinghats.org and www.realapologetics.org. He lives in Indiana with his wife Kerri and dog Flash.

Michael Long

Michael Long has Bachelors degrees in Philosophy and Political Science from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters degree in Philosophy from The University of Houston. He is a former assistant organizer of the Houston Atheists Meetup group and is an organizer and founding member of Erie Atheists and Agnostics. Michael has led a counter-apologetics discussion group in Houston, and participates in discussions of religion and philosophy intermittently on online forums and on Paltalk. He co-hosts the counter-apologetics podcast “Goodness over God” with Ben Wallis.


4 responses to “Debate: Is there good reason to believe that the Christian God exists?”

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