Sermon: The Knowledge of God

I was given the opportunity by the ever-gracious Eddie Exposito of Sovereign Grace Fellowship in Slidell, to preach in Romans 1 this morning. I appreciate the opportunity. It is, for those who follow the site regularly, an adaptation of my paper on Romans 1 that appeared in the first edition of In Antithesis. It also includes, for more recent followers, a bit of a discussion on the topic of my upcoming debate, and should be interesting in that vein as well. I will have further opportunity to preach again next Sunday. Again, I was most appreciative of the opportunity, and …

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Praxis Presup: Episode 20

Chris makes some initial comments on the second podcast in the series on presuppositional apologetics at Reasonable Doubts.

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Praxis Presup: Episode 19

Chris begins his critique of the counter-apologetics podcast Reasonable Doubts as it addresses presuppositional apologetics.

The counter-apologetics podcast may be found here –

An initial comment on the podcast may be found here –

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Reasonable Doubts About Presuppositional Apologetics

Paul Baird was kind enough to point me toward a comment he made here – – on the Reasonable Doubts site. The podcast on that page pertains to presuppositional apologetics. The first episode on the topic attempts to summarize the method and the next podcast will critique it. My time is very limited but I did offer some thoughts in a comment:

“If you do want to interact with a ‘sane’ Presuppositionalist then I’d recommend Chris Bolt of”

They can start with this 6 part series critiquing Justin Scheiber who is one of the hosts on the program

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The Elephant in the Room: Is TD Jakes a Trinitarian?

Today Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries made the clear, strong case that TD Jakes has some exceedingly serious problems with his “Trinitarian theology” (to say the least) that simply are not being addressed by those who should know to do so. I highly recommend that you listen to it here –

At one point Dr. White raised a question about whether or not Jakes baptizes in the name of Jesus only. According to “Alumni Pages” made available by Friends International Christian University, “His views on God and water baptism is [sic] Oneness Pentecostal.” See …

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Brian Knapp of Choosing Hats to appear with atheist Matt Oxley on Praxis Presup this weekend for informal debate

Brian Knapp, Founder and Administrator of Choosing Hats and atheist Matt Oxley of plan to participate in an informal debate consisting of interview, cross-examination, and discussion hosted and moderated by Chris Bolt of the Praxis Presup podcast this weekend. The event will not be live streamed, however the recording of it will be made available on the next episode of Praxis Presup right here on Choosing Hats around the beginning of next week, Lord willing. You won’t want to miss it!…

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Rhology on the Fundamentally Flawed podcast

It was just brought to my attention that Rhology, a contributor at Triablogue, was interviewed on the Fundamentally Flawed  podcast. This can be listened to here for the edited version, and it can be downloaded here, uncut. I am told that the language gets rather rough at the end, so listen at your own risk.…

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Praxis Presup: Episode 17

Chris continues his review as the three Pauls of Skepticule Record disagree on the nature of logic and Sye TenBruggencate asks them some questions about it.

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