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Sye TenBruggencate and Eric Hovind on "Fundamentally Flawed"

I am about to go cycle and I will be listening to this:


Enjoy, and thanks Sye!


3 responses to “Sye TenBruggencate and Eric Hovind on "Fundamentally Flawed"”

  1. G. Kyle Essary Avatar
    G. Kyle Essary

    This was a fascinating, if not maddening, discussion. Their worldview was thoroughly exposed for its inability to stand without borrowing from our worldview. They basically amounted to a “I know we can’t, but neither can you” defense. The admission that (1) their anti-theism is moral, (2) they have no non-visciously circular basis for knowledge and (3) all their knowledge is possibly incorrect (and they have no way to know whether or not it is) were at least refreshing. Of course, they attempted to defend their irrationality by throwing in cliches, mocking (laughing) and demeaning Sye…that gets tiresome.

  2. Jnani Avatar

    I think “Fundamentally Flawed” might just be fundamentally flawed.

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