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Providence and Presuppositions

One of the easiest areas to spot the truth of the claim that presuppositions determine the way people view evidence is in the discussion of the providence of God.

Last night a friend of mine told me that his wife left her job.

Tonight he told me that his wife had been given a new job out of nowhere!

The new job is by far preferable to the old. For this we thank God. Upon sharing about this with unbelievers, my friend stated that he was “…getting hit up by atheists on why his wife got the job, and that it wasn’t providence at all…”.

As believers we see the hand of God at work in our life in incredible ways, especially when we reflect on what God has done in the past. When we take this to unbelievers we can usually expect to be greeted with skepticism and explanations and ridicule.

I am not suggesting that we need to stop talking about how God is at work in our lives. We absolutely should. It really only makes sense from within the Christian worldview though…

…just like anything else.





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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    The natural mind sees God in nothing,
    Not even spiritual things;
    The spiritual mind sees God in everything,
    Even natural things.
    —Robert Leighton

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