Apologetics to the Glory of God

A Biblical Foundation

Thomists are always trying to add rooms onto houses with bad foundations. Some foundations are cracked. Others are too small.

As an example, think of the popular idea that people should only hold beliefs that are based upon empirical evidence. (Empirical evidence is evidence we access through the five senses.) This is a foundational idea for many unbelievers. Yet this idea is not itself based upon empirical evidence. So the idea – which we might also call a belief – is inconsistent with itself. The foundation is cracked.

Moreover, there are many aspects of science and common sense that likewise lack empirical evidence. Some examples are logic, mathematics, morality, laws of nature, personal identity, other minds, and even electrons. The foundation is too small.

Heaping more weighty evidences upon a view that is inconsistent with itself and incapable of providing for some of our most basic beliefs is entirely misguided. Instead of trying to add new rooms to a house with a bad foundation, tear it down and move to a much bigger, better, biblical foundation.