Apologetics to the Glory of God

Our Covenant Keeping God

Before you listen to the sermon I have linked below, I want you to do something for me. First, read Psalm 36. Second, read Romans 1-3. (As a bonus, throw in 4 and 5 – you might catch why I said that in the sermon.) Third, read the first chapter of Calvin’s Institutes. Fourth, ponder what implications the universal knowledge of God, the universal knowledge of His moral law, and the status of man as covenant-breaker, under Adam, his federal head, might have insofar as what Van Til’s usage of those concepts was, and what theology they presuppose. Please take your time, and feel free to use the comments or the Facebook page to clarify things.


2 responses to “Our Covenant Keeping God”

  1. Mark Avatar

    Cannot recommend this one highly enough – but you really need to come into it prepared. It is well worth careful active listening and reflection.

    1. RazorsKiss Avatar

      Amen, brother. Please, anyone who listens, take the time to do that suggested reading, and recognize that this is a sermon!

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