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Category: Psalms

  • Peripatetic 28 – TD Jakes, Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson, Psalm 19, and the Sufficiency of Scripture

    solaMailbag edition, answering a question I was asked recently concerning various ministries, then a positive presentation of the sufficiency of Scripture, then finishing with a testimony for those concerned with such things.…

  • The New Covenant

    This is a wonderful exposition of Baptist Covenant Theology. Again, no homework. I only ask that you be mindful of what is taught, and what the implications are for the denial of that teaching – especially in the context of our methodology.

  • Our Covenant Keeping God

    Before you listen to the sermon I have linked below, I want you to do something for me. First, read Psalm 36. Second, read Romans 1-3. (As a bonus, throw in 4 and 5 – you might catch why I said that in the sermon.) Third, read the first chapter of Calvin’s Institutes. Fourth, ponder what implications the universal knowledge of God, the universal knowledge of His moral law, and the status of man as covenant-breaker, under Adam, his federal head, might have insofar as what Van Til’s usage of those concepts was, and what theology they presuppose. Please take …