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A New Choosing Hats Podcast

This is the first edition of a new podcast, wherein I share my thoughts on various issue that come up throughout the week. I’ll let the podcast do the explanations and introduction for me.




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3 responses to “A New Choosing Hats Podcast”

  1. MrBsPapa Avatar

    Audio is not bad. Just a little background noise from being on the road.

  2. Fred Butler Avatar

    Good idea with a podcast. You may want to work on the audio portion, because at this point, it sounds as if you are trying to land the Eagle on the moon. Other than that, looking forward to more.


    1. RazorsKiss Avatar

      Fred: When you come up with an alternative, let me know. I did ask, if you recall 🙂 Unfortunately, the current technology available doesn’t allow for anything other than 8000 mono – and you should hear any attempts without the noise canceling on the mic 😉 As it stands, this is as good as it gets, until someone comes up with a way to record in cd-quality sound via bluetooth. The noise canceling would actually work better then, but such is life. Ain’t no such animal on android. Not yet, at least.

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