Apologetics to the Glory of God

Two Objections to Meticulous Providence

Some people find it strange that God should meticulously provide for His creation in terms of His presence, oversight, and power in every aspect of the creation. Yet Scripture teaches that God is at every moment and in every place both preserving and governing the universe.

Our objections to the providence of God often stem from the fact that – quite unlike God –  we are both wicked and finite. We are careless about some aspects of the creation because we are evil, and we neglect others because in our finitude we are incapable of tending to them all .

Meticulous providence would be untrue if God were disinterested in even the smallest aspect of His creation, but He is not, for in addition to the omni-attributes alluded to above, God is also perfectly good and loving. More than that, He is infinite.






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