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  • Two Objections to Meticulous Providence

    Some people find it strange that God should meticulously provide for His creation in terms of His presence, oversight, and power in every aspect of the creation. Yet Scripture teaches that God is at every moment and in every place both preserving and governing the universe.

    Our objections to the providence of God often stem from the fact that – quite unlike God –  we are both wicked and finite. We are careless about some aspects of the creation because we are evil, and we neglect others because in our finitude we are incapable of tending to them all …

  • Glenn Beck – Mormon Historian?

    I was listening to Glenn Beck’s show yesterday morning, and heard this discussion:

    (Note: This may be a first, me linking to Media Matters – but they have the relevant clip – for some reason, it won’t let me post the video directly. If you’d prefer not to visit, my blog has it embedded.)

    Here’s a transcript:
    22:40: Glenn: “…the Dead Sea Scrolls, you know what they are? Stu, do you know what the Dead Sea Scrolls are?
    Stu: Well, of course I do…
    Glenn: Now, c’mon, most people don’t.
    Stu: Well, I heard of them, I don’t really …

  • Did the Fathers Know the Gospel?

    T4G 2010 -- Session 7 -- Ligon Duncan from Together for the Gospel (T4G) on Vimeo.


     Recommended Texts:

    The Apostolic Fathers: Greek Texts and English Translations (Hardcover) – Michael W. Holmes

    Early Christian Doctrines: Revised Edition – J. N. D. Kelly

    Holy Scripture: The Ground and Pillar of our Faith – 3 Vol set by David T. King and William Webster

    The Great Jesus Debates: 4 Early Church Battles About the Person and Work of Jesus – Douglas W. Johnson…

  • A Fristian Strikes Out Revisited: Response to “Theo Beza”

    Not too long ago I posted regarding a Fristianity Style Counter (FSC) to TAG from “John Calvin”. You may find the post here (https://choosinghats.org/?p=876) but it is reposted below.

    In that post the particular FSC that John Calvin had offered was in my view successfully refuted by appealing to an analogous argument offered by Paul Manata. An individual commenting on the post using the name “Theo Beza” offered a series of irrelevant and hence unsuccessful objections to my critique of the FSC.  Here I will repost A Fristian Strikes Out in order to provide the context needed to …

  • If you have ever wondered…

    If you have ever wondered why a particular gentleman in a particular cult has spent so much of his time and effort over the course of many years attempting to refute what he thinks is a massively flawed approach to apologetics where adherents merely imagine a magical invisible being who created a cartoon universe as an explanation for everything then you are probably not alone.

    However, I do not believe the answer is too difficult. It can take a lot of work to hold the truth down. Thank God that He is able and willing to break the hard hearts …

  • Discussion With Nocterro Concerning Three Topics: Opening Statement By C.L. Bolt


    Internet user Nocterro has requested that we discuss the three topics of the reliability of Scripture, the self-deception of atheists, and the presupposition of God in Nocterro’s reasoning. Scripture is reliable and is the source of my claim that Nocterro believes both ‘God exists’ and ‘Nocterro does not believe that God exists’. Scripture is also the source of my claim that Nocterro presupposes God in order to reason at all. Here I will offer a brief defense of each of these three claims with the recognition that each subject is massive enough to deserve much more detailed discussion than …

  • Falling Down

    A section of the ongoing discussion between Chris the evil Presuppositionlist (inside joke, sorry) and Mitch over at Urban Philosophy caught my attention today.  It is a section that discusses the concept of “common ground” between believer and unbeliever by using the analogy of gravity.  Here is the entirety of what Mitch stated caught my attention:

    The common ground of reality affect both the believer and the non-believer, and this is a common ground from which dialogue may begin. Knowledge of gravity is not required for the effects of gravity. We do not see babies flying because they do not

  • Providence and Presuppositions

    One of the easiest areas to spot the truth of the claim that presuppositions determine the way people view evidence is in the discussion of the providence of God.

    Last night a friend of mine told me that his wife left her job.

    Tonight he told me that his wife had been given a new job out of nowhere!

    The new job is by far preferable to the old. For this we thank God. Upon sharing about this with unbelievers, my friend stated that he was “…getting hit up by atheists on why his wife got the job, and that …