Apologetics to the Glory of God

Four Questions about Election

This morning’s sermon asks and answers four questions concerning the election of God the Father. The reason we need to ask and answer these questions this morning is because there is a lot of wrong theology prevalent in the churches today that teach completely unbiblical understandings of election and salvation. And if salvation is as important as the Bible claims it to be and we are commanded by Christ to labor for the food that endures to eternal life then we would do well to understand what the Scripture teaches about election.

1. On what basis does God the Father choose whom He will give to the Son to give eternal life?
2. When did God the Father make this choice of election?
3. What is the motivation for election?
4. How many of the elect will come to Christ?

This was an absolutely fantastic sermon I had the privilege of listening to, and decided to share with our readers. Thanks, Pastor Joe!


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