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Due to issues encountered with resuming the debate, and an inability to resolve the difficulties posed by the inordinate time taken for the first portion; we’re just going to post the completed portion sometime today. If you haven’t heard, the debate clocked in at an astonishing 8 hours – and we had only reached question 10 in my opponent’s *first* cross-examination period. Since he is unwilling to accept time limitations for the remainder, I think it’s best to just end things here, as he didn’t show up this morning (our time) as invited. If he’d like to submit his remaining questions, I’ll be happy to post them as an addendum to the transcript, and answer them. I’m going to post my planned questions for the next period and my closing statement outline as well, for the edification of the audience. If he’d like to answer those questions, and provide his planned closer outline, I’d likewise be more than willing to post them as an addendum. Thank you for your patience in this matter, and I hope you’re edified and encouraged by the information provided.


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