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  • Peripatetic 20 – Islam and the Continuing Assertions of Yasser Ali

    As it says, this is an Islam-driven episode, relating some statements made by my erstwhile debate opponent in recent visits.

    Also: pay close attention at the beginning and end – something may have changed 🙂…

  • Responses to the assertions of Yasser Ali

    In the debate transcript, I have inserted my opponent’s answers, as I said I would. This post is intended to answer his assertions made therein, and to address the various problems I found with them. As of this posting, he has yet to offer his final questions, so I’m going to go ahead and offer comments on the debate in it’s entirety, and consider the debate closed. My questions will be italicized bold, his answers in italics, both will be in quote, and my responses in plain text. I will be offering more comments in the future, and …

  • Is the Qur'an the Word of God – Update

    For those who may not have checked the transcript post I have been adding in additional information garnered from email exchanges – especially, additional questions and answers from the shortened debate. Keep checking back as more information is added, and I’ll attempt to keep you updated.…

  • Is the Qur'an the Word of God? – Debate Transcript

    Debate Thesis: Is the Qur’an the Word of God?


    [12:07] [BK] ok, the floor is yours, Algo
    [12:07] [PL] Very Good.
    [12:07] [PL] Welcome Gentlemen.
    [12:08] [PL] Let us now begin our formal debate with an intro/bio.
    [12:08] [PL] Introducing MusLm :
    [12:08] [PL] Name: Yasser Ali
    [12:08] [PL] Nick: MusLm
    [12:08] [PL] Age: 34
    [12:09] [PL] Country: Pakistan
    [12:09] [PL] Education: Post-Graduate of Information Technology (Australia)
    [12:09] [PL] Occupation / Designation: Da’ee (Da’ee is a Muslim who invites people towards God / Islam)
    [12:09] [PL] Faith: Muslim based on Quran (100%) and Hadith (Authentic)
    [12:09] [PL] I have …

  • Debate News

    Due to issues encountered with resuming the debate, and an inability to resolve the difficulties posed by the inordinate time taken for the first portion; we’re just going to post the completed portion sometime today. If you haven’t heard, the debate clocked in at an astonishing 8 hours – and we had only reached question 10 in my opponent’s *first* cross-examination period. Since he is unwilling to accept time limitations for the remainder, I think it’s best to just end things here, as he didn’t show up this morning (our time) as invited. If he’d like to submit his remaining …

  • In Preparation for Next Weekend's Debate: Islam's Problem

    Courtesy of David Wood, ABN, and AOMin, this video covers most of my points I’m going to bring up. I’m posting it in hope that my opponent will come prepared for the issues I’m going to be raising!

    Note: Just something to keep in mind, I obviously won’t appeal to “brute facts” as David does here – but the information is valuable, nonetheless.…

  • Upcoming Debate: "Is the Qur'an the Word of God?"

    Participants: Joshua “RazorsKiss” Whipps vs Yasser “MusLm” Ali
    Moderator: Paul LaChapelle
    Date: October 2nd
    Time: 12pm EDT
    Location: #choosinghats IRC channel, on starlink-irc.org – see “Chat” page for details.
    Format: 3000 word opening statements, 2000 word Rebuttals, 2 Rounds of Cross-Examination (25 questions per debater, per round), 1500 word closing statements, Q&A session (as time permits)

    The room will be moderated for the duration of the debate. The audience will be able to submit questions for the Q&A, to be presented in the final session, time permitting.…