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Church History and Apologetics Classes

Recently, I had the opportunity of teaching two classes for my local church, on the subjects of Church History and Apologetics.

Chris asked me to post them, so here they are!

Note: I wasn’t professionally recorded – I did it myself – so the quality is only so-so.

Church History: I used a primarily biographical method in teaching a quick overview of the history of the Church – and it’s isn’t nearly as comprehensive as many classes might be. It’s only 12 sessions, so I obviously had to go fairly quickly. This was taught as an introduction to the Apologetics classes.

Apologetics: Basic Biblical Training
: This is a 16-session course concerned with teaching the foundation and method for a Biblical apologetic, while responding to a variety of objections, cults, and groups in opposition to the Christian faith.

My prayer is that this will be a springboard into a much deeper study of these topics.



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