Dustin Segers and Sye Ten Bruggencate on the Fundamentally Flawed Podcast

Sye TenBruggencate and Dustin Segers were on the Fundamentally Flawed podcast to discuss issues of God’s existence, the Christian Worldview and the Atheist Worldview. Dustin does a great job laying the debate out on the table in the first 20 minutes, but not only that, he leaves the hosts of Fundamentally Flawed without an excuse. Enjoy.


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Why Shouldn’t Paul Baird Choose Hats?

Paul Baird has given us his opinion in the case of the use of worldviews he does not adhere to.

This is a common complaint ie why argue a worldview that you do not hold ? The answer is the tallest child in the playground argument ie I do not have to be the tallest child in the playground to point out that you are not the tallest child in the playground – I can point out that individual (in this instance it would be a child of equal size).

Paul’s understanding here doesn’t really deal with the problem being …

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Paul Baird, Crackers in the Pantry, and Scientism

Now, what I would like to read from Chris is a line of argument where he can PROVE (and by prove I mean to a scientific standard, including the method of falsifiability) that a person has had revelation that could only have originated from the Christian god. If he can do that under lab conditions, then I’ll become a Christian.

– Paul Baird (http://patientandpersistent.blogspot.com/2011/10/once-more-unto-breach.html)

How should the difference of opinion between the theist and the atheist be rationally resolved? What Dr. Stein has written indicates that he, like many atheists, has not reflected adequately on this question. He

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"Fossils Are Real" – A Fundamentalist Atheist Shuns Knowledge

dios mio: i as just listening to WLC versus keith parsons debate  keith parsons blasphemed on the mic several times heh  i bet the the audience cringed WLC will debate this blonde english guy.. something Law  in a few weeks, i am looking forward to that

Chris: Yes for some reason atheists like to say offensive things as though it helps their case.

dios mio:heh yeah keith parsons was furious…

Chris: And others are afraid to capitalize “God”. i.e. Paul Baird.  (Stephen Law btw.)

dios mio:wow.. i cannot imagine myself debating a muslim guy in such an event, and be …

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A Feminist examines Presup

The post I’m about to respond to came in on my google alerts today. It was so packed with common objections and misconceptions that I decided to answer.

Evidentialism v. Presuppositionalism
I have noticed a worrying trend among some Christians. It is the turn away from evidentialist apologetics toward presuppositionalist apologetics.

Let’s start our presuppositional examination right here. From the get-go, presup is a “worrying” trend. Second, the author is apparently unaware of the link between Sola Scriptura and Covenantal apologetics. As I have said quite often on this blog, and in our chat channel, Covenantal apologetics is Sola Scriptura …

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Paul Jenkins and Damage Control

Paul Jenkins mentions in a recent post that some of his “readers may have endured what has become known as The Fourth Debate, in which the three Pauls of the Skepticule Extra podcast were subjected to the presuppositional apologetic argument of Eric Hovind and Sye Ten Bruggencate.” Note that Paul’s rhetoric begins when his post does with the use of “endured” as though there was something particularly unbearable about Eric and Sye’s performance in their discussion with the three Pauls when in fact the only thing that might be considered unbearable in that discussion was the ignorance, inconsistency, …

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Full Assurance, Epistemic Certainty, and Christ

Much to my dismay, there have been those who would consider themselves  in the camp of Presuppositional/Covenantal  apologetics that have moved away from the idea that we can be epistemically (having to do with knowledge) certain of our faith. Contrary to their claims, the Apostles knew nothing of an uncertain apologetic. This has been argued many times by Presuppositionalist/Covenantal apologists such as Dr. Greg Bahnsen.

I appreciated how Dr. Lane Tipton defined the distinctive of The Westminster approach to apologetics (i.e. The reformed, biblical, covenantal approach) in a Youtube video entitled “Christ-Centered Apologetics

Where I think our distinctive

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How about a little offense? by defectivebit (Guest Post)

In the thirteenth chapter of Always Ready Dr. Greg Bahnsen states

“The Christian cannot forever be defensively constructing atomistic answers to the endless variety of unbelieving criticisms; he must take the offensive and show the unbeliever that he has no intelligible place to stand, no consistent epistemology, no justification for meaningful discourse, predication, or argumentation.”[1]

I have often wondered why it is that in most debates I watch between a Christian and a non-Christian that the Christian spends very little time on the offensive side of the battle. This affinity to a defensive posture was also made clear to …

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