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  • Are You Tired of the Word?: Sermon Introduction from “The Little Scroll” (Revelation 10:1-11)

    Are you tired of the Word?

    Perhaps the greatest trouble facing the Church today is our tendency to grow tired of the Word, and lose interest in the gospel, so that we seek out theologies and programs and excitement that, while not necessarily bad in and of themselves, are often based more on the world than they are on the Word. And so I ask you this morning, are you tired of the Word? Have you lost interest in the gospel?

    Toward the end of the last century, American evangelicals became fascinated by end times particulars, hosting prophecy conferences and …

  • On Proper Analysis – Scott Terry and VanTillianFire

    The author, Aaron Dale, at the blog “Van Tillian Fire,” has written a critique of my much-critiqued “Dear Sye” post.  For reasons unbeknownst to me, he neglected to read the post of the following day, “The Shattered Stained Glass Window”, as well as the post “A Necessary Distinction.”   Why is this important, you ask?  It is important because these were written several months ago – and written specifically to provide specifics about issues I left unstated, or merely referred to in general terms in the initial post.  Why did I leave them unstated? I left them …

  • Why the Homosexual Lobbyists are Racist Bigots (and Why You Should Care)

    Please allow me to state what needs to be stated more often in these types of posts. Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners like me and like you, regardless of our sexual orientation. The depth of our sin is no match for the transforming power of the blood of Christ. Freedom from bondage to sin is found in Him. Do not hope in yourself, but hope in Christ.

    Do not hope in homosexuality. Homosexuality cannot free you from your desire or your pain. Homosexuality has no power to satisfy or heal you. Pursuing homosexual desires will lead …

  • The God of Miscegenation: The Kinistic “woopsie!”

    “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139:13)

    According to the Kinist, each race should not “inter-mix” with those of other races.

    What about the family who did that, and God was still pleased to bless them with a child of a different skin tone?

    If we are to affirm “Kinism” as well as Christian Theism, then the kinist would have to affirm that God is a God of miscegenation. From here the Kinist has a couple of options

    1) They  can abandon kinism, particularly the kind that entails that miscegenation is …

  • Kinism – Refuting the Kinist Heresy (Brian Schwertley)

    As I was continuing on into my exploration of the Presbyterian aberration called Kinism I was having great difficulty understanding how the Kinist believed their proof-texts from their Ten Theological Principles of Kinism supported their view. It was quite frankly incoherent. Thankfully, I was pointed to Brian Schwertley’s work: The Kinist Heresy: A Biblical Critique of Racism which addresses all the points much better than I ever could. While I may not agree with Brian on some minor points regarding Theonomy, I commend his work to anyone addressing Kinism. Brian discuses, in great detail, many of the proof-texts used by …

  • Kinism – Essentially Human After All (not a Daft Punk song)

    There is an aberration in Presbyterianism that seems to rear its head now and again by a few individuals that jump into our chat channel. This aberration is called Kinism. It is not a view held by many within Presbyterianism and those that do hold it seem to follow from the Rushdoony line of thought. This post and those in this series will be asking questions for clarification and or addressing issues delineated at the so-called Christian Kinism blog.

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    2. That all people are essentially humans, created by the hands of Almighty God and therefore they