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The God of Miscegenation: The Kinistic “woopsie!”

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139:13)

According to the Kinist, each race should not “inter-mix” with those of other races.

What about the family who did that, and God was still pleased to bless them with a child of a different skin tone?

If we are to affirm “Kinism” as well as Christian Theism, then the kinist would have to affirm that God is a God of miscegenation. From here the Kinist has a couple of options

1) They  can abandon kinism, particularly the kind that entails that miscegenation is a sin.  God knits us in the womb, and has knit the child in the womb to be white.

2) He can affirm kinism, which necessarily entails that God sinned.

3) This is the option that will most likely take place:  He will probably throw out a few poisoning of the well tactics, while disregarding the content of this post, as well as accusing me of misunderstanding kinism along with some name calling (e.g. egalitarian, politically correct, blind) in order to smoke-screen the glaring inconsistency.

The only thing to do now is see how the Kinist will respond. We  hope for an intelligible discussion, but so far we’ve yet to see one.


2 responses to “The God of Miscegenation: The Kinistic “woopsie!””

  1. JerryJones Avatar

    There is always the possibility she cheated with a white man.

    However one very uncommon example doesn’t trump anything. On occasion I have heard sodomites and transvestites refer to hermaphrodites to argue against sex distinctions. Obviously you believe in distinctions of sex, even though there are rare cases of this. Therefore to apply your reasoning consistently to each case; you must reject this rare example as an argument against kinism, as you would reject the rare example of the case of a hermaphrodite as an example against distinctions in gender.

    1. Resequitur Avatar


      The argument I provided was simply just a silly pragmatic argument. In fact, this argument is probably as much absurd as the actual position of kinism.

      However my rejection of kinism is more straight-forward;

      That it’s unbiblical, unhistorical, and non-confessional.

      In fact, I’d be put under church discipline for believing it.

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