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Kinism – Refuting the Kinist Heresy (Brian Schwertley)

As I was continuing on into my exploration of the Presbyterian aberration called Kinism I was having great difficulty understanding how the Kinist believed their proof-texts from their Ten Theological Principles of Kinism supported their view. It was quite frankly incoherent. Thankfully, I was pointed to Brian Schwertley’s work: The Kinist Heresy: A Biblical Critique of Racism which addresses all the points much better than I ever could. While I may not agree with Brian on some minor points regarding Theonomy, I commend his work to anyone addressing Kinism. Brian discuses, in great detail, many of the proof-texts used by Kinists (example) and exposes how the Kinist applies their anti-Christian assumptions onto the text of Scripture.

Brian’s work is also available in audio here: A Biblical Critique of Racism: The Kinist Heresy, Part 1 and here: A Biblical Critique of Racism: The Kinist Heresy, Part 2


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    Wow thanks for posting these links…I do find them helpful especially with people I am talking to right now.

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