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Why the Homosexual Lobbyists are Racist Bigots (and Why You Should Care)

Please allow me to state what needs to be stated more often in these types of posts. Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners like me and like you, regardless of our sexual orientation. The depth of our sin is no match for the transforming power of the blood of Christ. Freedom from bondage to sin is found in Him. Do not hope in yourself, but hope in Christ.

Do not hope in homosexuality. Homosexuality cannot free you from your desire or your pain. Homosexuality has no power to satisfy or heal you. Pursuing homosexual desires will lead you down the same old well-worn path of boredom and disillusionment. Down that path is the way that leads to destruction. Of course, not everyone agrees.

I can hear their gasps now, “How audacious! How disrespectful and unthinking and ignorant of him to make such claims! Who is he to question the way of homosexuality? What qualifies him to make such bold and seemingly provocative statements?” Since I have gained your ear, if only for a moment, may I suggest we turn the question around?

Who are these homosexual lobbyists? The lobbyists are those who promote everything homosexual as though marketing for Nike. They need not be homosexual at all. They promote the cause of homosexuality in an effort to influence every realm of life from acceptable language to entertainment to legislation. While they complain about underhanded tactics supposedly used by the religiously motivated, they do the very same things. They seek to influence the social conscience through their pervasive presence in the media and elsewhere.

Why do I say they are racist? For one thing, they often embrace the idea that there is more than just one race of humans. But that’s a discussion for another time. They diminish the significance of the Civil Rights Movement by comparing themselves to and considering themselves a part of that movement. It’s insulting. Differences between the homosexual lobby and the Civil Rights Movement are abundant and obvious. I will not recite them all here. But one large difference is the way in which blacks were (and, in some places, still are) treated versus the way in which homosexuals are treated. United States American homosexuals do not compare to blacks at all in terms of the immoral, hateful, and unfair treatment they received from others. The comparison would be laughable were it not so inherently wicked and widely believed.

The Civil Rights Movement also enjoyed biblical warrant, whereas the homosexual agenda does not. Here is where the bigotry enters the picture. Amazingly enough, the homosexual lobbyists complain about the bigotry of those who oppose them, often without recognizing or caring why these people oppose them. Every member of the human race is created in the image of God. Every member of the human race is sinful. Nothing is sinful about being black. Everything is sinful about being homosexual.

“How shocking!” I hear the groans and complaints again. “That makes me so angry!” I am sure that it does, because sinners typically respond two ways to their sins and the sins of others being pointed out. One way we respond to sin being pointed out is anger. The other is repentance. But only a bigot would respond with such heated anger toward those who point out that homosexuality is sinful.

You see, from the beginning those who have believed the Bible have affirmed, along with God, that homosexuality is sinful. Homosexuality is an unnatural, disordered state of affairs brought about through the fall of humanity into sin. Homosexuality is every bit as potent and evil as any other sin. God says so plainly in creation and text. In the past, society and church have overwhelmingly agreed with God. They will continue to do so in the future. In the meantime, the homosexual lobbyists who act so shocked over hearing what have always constituted Christian beliefs should be ashamed of themselves. Their ignorance and intolerance of the beliefs of others, especially so significant and as historically established a group as Christians, is highly indicative of the fair share of bigotry on their part.

If any amount of truth is found in what I have written above, what difference does it make? Three relevant points come to mind. First, the credibility of the homosexual lobby is undermined by both their atrocious disregard for the real struggles of blacks throughout U.S. history and their absolute hatred of Christian teaching. Unfortunately for them, their credibility is virtually all they have to base their pro-homosexual case on. Second, what the homosexual lobby is doing to homosexuals is hateful. They are attempting to normalize something that is not normal by equating sexual sin with “race,” promoting a lifestyle that leads to disease and death, and belittling anyone who would dare to question their actions. Third, though they fill the media with assertions regarding race and bigotry, they actually have no basis upon which to condemn racism or bigotry, since they have, by definition, precluded the Word of God as the source of moral standards. Christians base their rejection of racism and bigotry on the Word of God, whether that racism and bigotry comes from the homosexual lobby or anyone else, and Christians consistently apply their ethic to homosexuality in calling it what it is: sin.

May God give us the grace and wisdom we need to resist worldly thinking while pointing its proponents to the perfect person, God and man, the redeemer Jesus Christ.


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