Debate: Jeffrey Park vs Nina George

Friend of the blog Jeffrey Park debated Nina George over the resolution: Is the Triune God of Scriptures a Force for Good?

Opening statements and rebuttals: Jeffrey Park and Nina George

Cross examine: Jeffrey Park/Dean Crossley and Nina George/Raynald Losier

Closing statements: Dean Crossley and Raynald Losier.

Get the debate here

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Tentative Debate: Chris Bolt & Matt Oxley

A debate is currently being scheduled between Matt Oxley of and Chris Bolt of for Saturday, November 10 at 10 am EST. The debate is to be live  streamed and recorded for later viewing as well.

Keep your calendar clear, and stay tuned for more details coming soon.…

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Watching for Worldviews

The Gospel Coalition is running a slightly interesting series called “Reading for worldviews” that I had hoped would prove very insightful. It has, however, been a little bit of a disappointment. The writers seem to reach for more complexity instead of grabbing the book by the horns. The exercise is a good one and one that we as thinking Christians should do as we strive to take every thought captive to Christ and His Lordship. An exercise I have tried to do for years now is watch for worldviews where I will try to keep an eye out for statements …

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Kinism – Refuting the Kinist Heresy (Brian Schwertley)

As I was continuing on into my exploration of the Presbyterian aberration called Kinism I was having great difficulty understanding how the Kinist believed their proof-texts from their Ten Theological Principles of Kinism supported their view. It was quite frankly incoherent. Thankfully, I was pointed to Brian Schwertley’s work: The Kinist Heresy: A Biblical Critique of Racism which addresses all the points much better than I ever could. While I may not agree with Brian on some minor points regarding Theonomy, I commend his work to anyone addressing Kinism. Brian discuses, in great detail, many of the proof-texts used by …

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Kinism – Essentially Human After All (not a Daft Punk song)

There is an aberration in Presbyterianism that seems to rear its head now and again by a few individuals that jump into our chat channel. This aberration is called Kinism. It is not a view held by many within Presbyterianism and those that do hold it seem to follow from the Rushdoony line of thought. This post and those in this series will be asking questions for clarification and or addressing issues delineated at the so-called Christian Kinism blog.

Accessed 06/24/2012 01:00 UTC:

2. That all people are essentially humans, created by the hands of Almighty God and therefore they

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John Starke on Van Til’s Influence on Christian Thought

John Starke over at The Gospel Coalition takes a quick look at the affect Dr. Cornelius Van Til has had since his work at Westminster Theological Seminary.

John Starke notes:

Van Til transformed the discussions around epistemology and apologetics unlike anyone else in modern Christian history—being the main influence behind theologians, pastors, and apologists like John Frame, Tim Keller, David Powlison, Greg Bahnsen and the entire systematic and apologetics departments of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and California, headed by names like Michael Horton, Scott Oliphint, William Edgar, and David VanDrunen.

Even Dr. Albert Mohler of SBTS has spoken of …

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