Tentative Debate: Chris Bolt & Matt Oxley

A debate is currently being scheduled between Matt Oxley of RagingRev.com and Chris Bolt of ChoosingHats.com for Saturday, November 10 at 10 am EST. The debate is to be live  streamed and recorded for later viewing as well.

Keep your calendar clear, and stay tuned for more details coming soon.


Guy Vestal

So I know who Mc Oxley is, but who is this other person, and he is qualified to take the side of the Judeo-Christian Canon how?

C.L. Bolt

Qualified?! Who said he was qualified?

Guy R Vestal

How is anyone qualified is the real question.

C.L. Bolt

Hm. That’s not what you asked.

So, what’s the answer?

Guy R Vestal

The answer is that I read the bio, and it seems Matt is debating yet another Mohler clone, so it should be quite the pretentious snoozer. Close enough answer? LOL

C.L. Bolt

Your question: “How is anyone qualified?”

Your answer: “Matt is debating yet another Mohler clone.”

That doesn’t make sense as an answer to your [second] question. Are you following the conversation?


My vote is “no” – he isn’t following the conversation. Which makes me wonder, since he brought it up…

C.L. Bolt

Yeah he asks, “who is this other person” even though he says, “I read the bio.” Next he asks, “he is qualified to take the side of the Judeo-Christian Canon how?” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) when what he *really* meant was, “How is anyone qualified ?” He implies that people are clones of the presidents of the schools they attend (I must have severe multiple personality disorder) then complains about Matt Oxley’s debates being pretentious snoozers. To top it all off he gives a supposed answer to his question that isn’t an answer to his question at all.

Not the brightest troll I’ve met. Must be a Downey-Phipps clone.

Guy R Vestal

Google? Or maybe an old FB post? My my, aren’t we an IT genius… Who would have ever thought? But you went in the wrong direction with that misfire…

You would have had much better ammunition with this: http://www.wired.com/culture/lifestyle/news/2000/05/35931

Which would have made me re-affirm my stand on the BF&M 2000, and again renounce Nashville, which breaks my heart, and would have cut the conversation short when I would be put on the spot, exposing my bitterness.

Next time, do a better homework job before you take on the best. 🙂

But I will give you credit, you did play along a lot better than most, maybe if you had more back-story, you would have had a better chance. Ask Matt for some pointers if you are still interested.

(If you want a tip, go after Matt from the “P” in TULIP, and tell him that just because he thinks he has left, does not mean that the LORD has lost the ability to keep them from getting plucked from Him. Nothing irks him more then the Sovereignty of God.)

Guy R Vestal

Well I was still floundering on the second statement, so I was unaware we were going back to the first. So lets scroll up. I guess my answer would be that Matt must have assumed he was qualified if he is going to debate him.

So is that where I missed? HaHa…

Matt Oxley

I apologize. I didn’t send the troll, the troll came of his own volition.

C.L. Bolt

Arminian trolls.

Billy Daws

Don’t underestimate Oxley! He is a fierce fighter. He will let you back him into a corner and just when you think you have got him, he will land an uppercut. Protect your ears…

Should be a lively contest!

Matt Oxley

Thanks Billy, I hope so.


Hope the debate is informative for both sides. Heard of Matt and Chris through CARM, and am familiar with some of Chris’ arguments through UP, seems like a pretty knowledgeable guy.

Matt Oxley

Oh goodness, I haven’t been around CARM in many years (I was banned in 2006 when I was trying to figure out where I stood with god and the Bible). When and where was my name brought up?

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