Apologetics to the Glory of God

The Tyranny of Death

Death is a tyrant.

Only one, however, has ever experienced the entirety of the curse of death. Everyone else will experience it in part, or never cease to experience it. The fullness of that tyranny rests its claws upon only one; He upon whom the wrath of God, and all the terrible and righteous fury that implies, was poured, and who bore it for the sake of His elect. Christ, our Lord and King.

The first death, the promise of Adam’s curse, attends us all. This is a pittance, a vapor, in comparison to that of the second. It is that which Christ bore for His people, and for that we should be on our knees for, in thanksgiving and tears – repenting of the sins for which He died, and growing in His grace and knowledge.

However, we must understand that our culture is in love with death. It promotes the murder of children as a “right”, and discards the creation of life as the centerpiece and purpose for marriage – as well as its import as a picture of Christ’s love for His church. This culture of death, which “celebrates” the destruction of life, is showing clearly the nature of the tyrant which rules it, and holds it captive to dissolution.

Earlier today, we announced the impending birth of our 7th child – Philippa Rae. Prior to this happy pregnancy, however, we lost two children to miscarriage. The very same people who have been so tirelessly promoting the “marriage” of two people unable to create children, who cannot be united as “husband” and “wife”, who are not “male and female” – are in most cases the same persons who would champion and likewise promote the wholesale murder of unwanted children. I am the father of many – yet I have held a miscarried babe in my arms, attended their funeral, and mourned them. Babes that same age are ripped into pieces, burned alive, and discarded like trash – daily – all over this country. It is, therefore, no surprise that the union of two who cannot create such a life are being touted as an alternative, is it not?

I am not only the biological father of many, but we are a blended family. I am no stranger to the fatherhood of choice, along with that blood. The family redeemed is likewise a Scriptural theme, and one which resonates with me, deeply. The corruption – the twisting of such a redemption into the grotesqueries of a “family” consisting of “two dads and their children,” or the like, is deeply, and exceptionally, emblematic of the same cause which incites death’s tyranny. Sin.

You see, sin is a parasite. It is not something which can exist of itself. Something sinful is unsustainable. It requires something else diametrically opposed to it to gorge itself upon, and thus to corrupt. Aborted children do not murder other children, after all – do they? Homosexual partners cannot reproduce themselves. They must, of a necessity, be societal parasites. Like, I might add, the celibate priesthood of the Roman Catholic church must be.

So, what is “equal” about a societally parasitic “union” calling itself a “marriage”? I’m not talking about a couple who should be able to procreate, yet due to the curse, has lost that ability through no specific fault of their own. I am speaking of a supposed ‘union” which lacks the capacity to procreate without parasitism upon other members of that society, and withholds one element of parentage from the resultant offspring purposefully – the mother or father – to be replaced by “two mothers” or “two fathers” – which is, by definition, neither marriage, nor a family unit. It is a polyamorous, parasitic amorph of questionable, and indeed, negative value. Sin always involves parasitism and lack. That is what defines it as such. Using terms like “equality” of so-called “same sex marriage” is merely Newspeak, and holds no meaning for thinking people.

It doesn’t matter who calls it “equal.” Using comparisons to racism is equally vacuous. In fact, it is an insult to those who suffered that scourge of sophistry. Race, as I have repeatedly argued, is not even a coherent category. It means nothing. It, too, is an amorphous, parasitic quagmire of illogic.

This movement must, and does, steal from the real to clothe its unreality. Their symbol, the rainbow, is itself emblematic. It was a sign that God will never again flood the earth to destroy men for their evil. By flaunting it, they do precisely what Romans 1 cites them for – they are enflamed by their lusts, and those passions are degrading for both them, and for everyone they influence. Now, sadly, that influence will extend, legally, to “their” children.

Sin is a parasite. Death is a tyrant. Tyrants, of course, are a sort of parasite. As death’s sting sinks into the world around us, we must recall that light and life is of God. While those who love darkness and their own evil “celebrate” them, remember whose you are. If you are reading this, and you are offended by my words concerning your chosen sins, consider this: If I don’t say this, you’d consider me contemptible, because you know I _should_ believe it, if I think Scripture is true, right? I consider your actions an offense, but they are not an offense against me. I am not offended. God is. God is the one to whom you must answer. Your celebration of death in this life deserves only only more death in the next. Thus, you must repent of your rebellion, and be given life – because those to whom this life is given have had it purchased by the One who suffered the second death in their stead. That, friend, was not a celebration. It was a purification of all the corruption, rottenness, twistedness and emptiness that sin is – a cleansing fire that burned it away that life might return and that restoration might begin. A life more abundant, and not a life that is a mere shadow of that which it should be – life that begets life – not a shambling horror of death that begets only still more death.

Only one has ever experienced the entirety of the curse of death. Don’t make your life a living death, and follow it with the second, which will never end. All you can do, apart from God, is live under the tyranny of sin and death. Being enflamed by this lust, or any other, only results in your ruin. But there is redemption from any sort of ruin. For such is why Christ came – to seek and save the lost.