Apologetics to the Glory of God

No Tool In The Shed Sharp Enough

It’s a curious thing, to me, witnessing atheists commenting on moral or ethic issues. Between the popular guys who appear on TV and the regular guys who may or may not appear on YouTube, the tone varies, depending on what the medium allows for or demands. But it’s not even so much the tone that keeps me watching or listening or reading. It’s the very clearly moral language they’re utilizing to disparage the audacity of Christians to allow their freely held ideas to breach the boundaries of their intellects, and, you know, to act in a way that reflects what they believe.

I should clarify. It doesn’t intrigue me that they use words or language, because that’s a feature of humanity – that’s one of the things we’re simply created to do. It doesn’t even amaze me that they probably, really feel angry when they denounce something as “evil,” or feel really happy about things they laud as “good.” I would expect as much. Again, we’re human. That’s what humans do.

What strikes me in particular is the concretely moral flavor of the words they use to describe things like mass murder, abuses in the Roman Catholic church, LGBT rights. They’ll even turn to God and the Bible and take no less than a decisive swing at the attributes and actions of God, all the while expecting to be taken seriously. And this is only remarkable because they deny that any objectivity regarding “good” and “bad” can be sought.

But this is old news. Atheism as a belief system (or else control belief) is stuck in a loop, to which nothing can be added and from which nothing can be taken. It has been granted a certain amount of capital – that it cannot quite account for, but nonetheless is and so it has to work with what it’s got – and has to come up with very weird beliefs in order to maintain what it really is, which is denial of God.

Let’s be very precise. It’s not as though atheists and the rest of non-believerdom simply aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. It’s that what they do have – or what they’ll claim to have, excluding things that make them uncomfortable – falls short of possessing the capacity to make sense of anything beyond itself (assuming this is the case). Try drilling a hole in a large rock with only a plastic spoon some time. It’s possible, you might say. Oh well, no analogy is perfect.


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