The Problem With Saying “Goddidit”

Covenantal apologists are often mocked in virtue of their alleged recourse to repeatedly claiming “Goddidit” as an answer to all challenges in the apologetic context.

The mockers are mostly wrong, but partially right.

Complaints about “Goddidit” usually stem primarily from the rejection of the frank acceptance of authority inherent to the apologist’s presuppositional program. In this the mockers are wrong.

Meanwhile, complaints which focus not upon the authority involved in “Goddidit” but its content are valid objections, for the Christian worldview consists of much more than a trite, reductionistic, sound byte solution to some problem that faces another worldview.

Just as in preaching the Gospel we want to ensure that we preach the whole thing, so also in defending that Gospel we want to confidently present the Christian worldview as a whole unit or system in the fullness of its richness and depth.

Striving to do so sets us on the path to personal sanctification and a God-honoring, truthful, persuasive apologetic.


Paul Baird

Only 161 words in 6 paragraphs ?

Chris, you must be ill.


so how do we get past their “Godditit” objection?

C.L. Bolt

By discerning if they are rejecting “Goddidit” due to its authoritative status or due to its content. If it is the former then you just point out that they are merely giving voice to their rejection of authority and show them how said objection leads to foolishness. If it is the latter then you provide more content of the Christian worldview for explanatory purposes.

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