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Debate Q & A – and You!

Now that we’ve done some discussion and a bit of interaction with Chris’ position – and you’ve had the opportunity to really sit down and listen through what he has to say, and what he’s had his guests on to say, I’d like to encourage you to start formulating some questions for either Chris or I to answer.

Be sure to email Dee Dee at preteristpodcast@gmail.com if you want to pose a question to either participant. The debate will be pre-recorded, so Dee Dee will be asking questions on behalf of those who send them to her in advance. Make sure to specify which participant you would like asked your question; he will have 2.5 minutes to answer, and his opponent will have 60 seconds to follow up.

It can either be something you’d like me to elaborate on, and don’t think Chris will cover – or, it can be something you’d like him to answer, and think would be a valuable point for him to deal with in the context of his arguments. It’s obvious that I won’t be able to address everything he says, nor he mine, but recall that he has said on multiple occasions that what he’s said thus far is what he’ll have to say in the debate – so that should tell us that he’s aiming for the same basic presentation as that which he’s given previously. Recall that he’s been a guest on Unbelievable, interviewed Edward Fudge, debated Hiram Diaz, and did a three-hour, three-part podcast with his friends Ronnie and Joey – that seems to be the bulk of the material he has to present, although he has a few blog posts and facebook comments here and there that are pertinent, if not comparative in size.

I’ve pretty much telegraphed exactly what I’m going to talk about – (I have a bit left to discuss, but it’s getting close to the time where I’m going to stop writing new material, and focus on assembling systematically what I’ve already gathered) – so you should have a good idea of what I’m going to be arguing by now. With that in mind, and with what Chris has argued in his recorded/written material, I’m relying on you to provide some good, hard-hitting questions which strike to the heart of the debate, and the presuppositional commitments it revolves around. Please take some care in writing your questions, and be sure you’re addressing his position. One of their largest complaints is that we don’t seem to represent them properly, so let’s not be guilty of doing so.

If you’re on the annihilationist side, feel free to send in your questions as well. Keep in mind that the same thing applies to proponents of your position as I just exhorted proponents of my position to do – please carefully examine the position I actually have, and try to go for valuable discussions. One of the worst problems with debate Q and A is answering irrelevancies, as any seasoned debate listener can tell you!

Thanks for everyone’s support and prayers, and keep Chris and I in those prayers! I’m praying that Chris and his listeners will be convicted of the error they adhere to, and return to the truth of Scripture as a result. Barring that outcome, I pray that God’s Word might be kept the central focus in the debate, that I might be faithful and clear in my presentation, and show clearly that this eternal doctrine of Scripture is in opposition to this false conception of final punishment. Thank you for your help and support – and for putting up with this much material on a single topic in such a short space of time!


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  1. Chris Avatar

    I concur (with only one or two minor exceptions). Well said, Joshua. Please do send Dee Dee challenging questions. Q&A can either be lame, or incredibly valuable. The quality of the questions will determine which. Just make sure you send them to Dee Dee privately!

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