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Jingle Bells and the Money Man

We had a fabled metaphysical subjectivist in channel recently. They are quite fascinating. He took the time (quite wastefully) to object to our conception of God, express his moral outrage at the conception of God as judge over creatures, et al. It was quite an interesting exercise in utter confusion.

It reminded me of some things one of my children used to do. My now 11 year old used to have an imaginary friend with the festive name of “Jingle Bells.” Along with all the usual hijinks a young man has with an imaginary friend, they were quite regular chess opponents, even at the age of 4. One day, they had a falling out. Jingle Bells was being mean in a chess game – and they were quits. Jingle Bells was sent away, never more to return.

The Money Man was also an interesting creation. He was a mystical being who gave (and took) money from the tops of clothes dryers, the world over. Our boy was quite convincing that this Money Man was a frequent visitor at our house, for several months. One of those strange little ideas that children come up with.

While relating my experiences with the erstwhile subjectivist above to my children and wife over supper, they posited that it seemed as if this guy was trying to convince Jingle Bells (us), that the Money Man (God) was evil.

I think I agree.


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  1. McFormtist Avatar

    It might be pointed out that such contradictory behavior actually evidences hypocrisy, and in turn, the failure of a position. As a peripheral observation, to express anger or frustration over something that (he would say) possesses no existence is an ironic delusion, when one considers some of the charges lobbed at Christians for their beliefs. Only on Christianity, of course, can such a person still be considered (generally) sane and still be treated with dignity, as only Christianity can make sense of this person’s contradictory behavior, in a way that doesn’t have to result in chaos. They are in rebellion – as we all are or were – and since it is God at the helm of his heart, we can be patient, and respectful, and humble, as well as bold.

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