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  • “Religious Indoctrination is Child Abuse”


  • Jingle Bells and the Money Man

    We had a fabled metaphysical subjectivist in channel recently. They are quite fascinating. He took the time (quite wastefully) to object to our conception of God, express his moral outrage at the conception of God as judge over creatures, et al. It was quite an interesting exercise in utter confusion.

    It reminded me of some things one of my children used to do. My now 11 year old used to have an imaginary friend with the festive name of “Jingle Bells.” Along with all the usual hijinks a young man has with an imaginary friend, they were quite regular chess …

  • Atheism Takes Hit From SOPA Protests

    Madison, Wisconsin – 1/18/12

    Analyst Bert Toast  recently explained that atheists might not be so quick to support the SOPA protests come early Wednesday morning. Several major websites have decided to blackout on Wednesday, January 18 to show their opposition to the so-called SOPA and PIPA bills. Among the Internet sites that have chosen to shut down are www.reddit.com and www.wikipedia.com. Toast believes that the protests may have serious consequences for atheism.

    It’s just that – of the 86% of atheists who only exist on the Internet, 67% spend all of their time at reddit. Take that site away