Apologetics to the Glory of God

The Glory of God – Shai Linne

I was reading the lyrics to Shai Linne’s latest single that will be part of his new “Attributes of God” album and had a few thoughts come to mind regarding the use of this media in apologetics. I will only highlight one here, namely, the positive case for the Christian worldview. What I mean by this is what Paul modeled at Athens where he gave the stoics and philosophers a crash course in Theology. Paul built a foundation from which Christ and His work would be interpreted. But as can be seen in Acts, Paul was stopped when he mentioned the resurrection. For a more in depth analysis I recommend Greg Bahnsen’s essay in the back of “Always Ready” which is also available here. With that as the backdrop to these lyrics, this song should be useful to communicate to some people who God is and a summary of the redemptive work of Christ and not only that, but also to give those who are ignorant of the God they reject a quick lesson of some of His attributes and how they relate to the overall narrative of the Bible and life.

Check it out: http://www.lampmode.com/new-shai-linne-single-the-glory-of-god/


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